An old woman got stuck on a roof, got tagged as a witch instantly.

An emerging video shows an old woman who got stuck on a roof building, was instantly tagged a witch. The location and where the incidence happened can’t be ascertained but when you watch the video you can hear the French language being spoken by the people and a MTN signpost on a building. So definitely it’s a francophone country from a West African nation.

The old woman who appears to be in her mid to late 70’s was stuck on the roof of a building but how she got there was every body astonishment, in the part of this world we belong to ? when such things happen we i probably when the who was flying from a witchcraft meeting in form of a bird, snake or cat something happened midnight and got transformed back to a normal human being.

But if you are the one who is quick to judge watch the video to the and see what happens. the old woman scaled down the building through the help of a close by fence . God knows how long the old woman has been practicing these without being caught.

Watch the video below.


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