Election Update 2017; Kenya to update presidential election mid-afternoon.

The Kenya presidential election of 2017 is a rematch between those candidates, initially happened in 2013. President Uhuru Kenyatta main opposition candidate; Raila Odinga claims the commission database was hacked and results manipulated in favor of President Uhuru Kenyatta but Kenya’s electoral commission chairman has admitted its database was a target of an unsuccessful hacking attempt, but it has failed to convince the opposition, which continues to dispute the results.

Kenya’s election commission is urging the country to be patient and says it should have an update on the presidential election in mid-afternoon (1130 GMT).

Many Kenyans are hoping the results of the already disputed vote will be announced within hours. Kenyan election officials say only they have the authority to declare the winner, and international election observers say they have seen no signs of interfering with the vote.

Hundreds of police in anti-riot gear are patrolling the capital, Nairobi. Many businesses remain closed amid fears of violence.

Over 400 international election observers, including officials from the United States and the European Union, were deployed across the country to monitor voting and the tallying process and part of the post-election period. Stay tunned has election commission his set to give a final result update.




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