Watch Governor Shettimma and a man from South East having a great conversation

Watch Governor Shettimma and a man from South East discuss Biafra


Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state and a Nigerian man from the south east having a great conversation about having one great Nigeria, irrespective of if you are Biafra, Arewa or Oduduwa. This video is another proof that unity and peace are all we need in the nation as a people.

The video begins with Governor Shettimma at a Gas station, who called a man, whose name or State of origin was not ascertained. But it’s certain his from the South East and was called upon probably because of his looks or accent.

Some one who was in the background said; “SAY NO BIAFRA” and the man replied in Hausa Language that is not going to talk about such issue. both continued there conversation in Hausa language smiling at each other.

The Governor drew what seems to be a business card and wants to give it to the man but has the conversation gets interesting he was still with the card in his hand, both shook their hands and parted ways after a 58 seconds conversation.
Video Credit: Kashim Shettima

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